Do Over!!!!!


I need a do over. Today was an emotional disaster at my house, sprinkled with self-disappointment and a smidgen of borderline psychosis. Tensions have been rising, what with the added stress of… And obstinate teens….and cranky 7 year olds…and did I mention the pool pump needs fixed and I noticed an inch of dust on top of the fridge and I’m a terrible cook and a failure as a newly designated-by-God stay at home mom? OKAY. I wasn’t quite that irrational but for a moment, it felt like I … [Read more...]

Chalk Outlines Aren’t Only For Homicides


MAN, you're big. No offense but you kind of dog years. ...Says my 7 year old as she traces chalk outline of my body. First of all, in case you didn't know, chalk outlines add ten pounds. And second, should I be worried that there is a chalk replica of my body in the driveway? What will the neighbors think? Daylight savings time is finally upon us, when we borrow a little more sun until begrudgingly returning it eight months later. My little angel colors in the lines, the … [Read more...]

How Not to be an Epic Fail

Chevy Chase

“I want to watch Christmas Vacation” said my 8-year-old daughter. She is teaching her “class” of invisible yet apparently very ill-behaved students suspiciously named after her siblings. During their school day she allows them to watch a movie. What a great teacher. So I put in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and let Chevy Chase educate them. For good measure I threw in a few beers and some pretzels to complete the experience. I’m joking, of course, but when I realize how accessible our … [Read more...]

Prodigal Daughter


I used to be the girl who would do things she didn’t actually want to do just to be liked. Sometimes I would lay in the arms of a guy I was lukewarm about, or even barely knew, just for that split second of feeling like I mattered. I was also the girl who did things she wanted to do but knew she shouldn’t, and after years of ignoring that little voice, I became deaf to it and went about my merry way down a path of sin and self-indulgence that lead me to nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. I hated … [Read more...]

Mother, Divine.


Mom. For as many meanings at this word has, it surprises me that it has been attached to such rigid expectations.  Motherhood is, in actuality, an immensely diverse position.  It is so diverse, in fact, that our roles transcend almost without warning and often simultaneously. To name a few: We are the CEO. The chauffeur. The chef. The disciplinarian. We are the teacher. The task master. The maid. We are the boo boo kisser. We are the booger, barf and butt cleaners...... There … [Read more...]

What Smells Like Feet?


I got into my car this morning, and was greeted (slapped in the nostrils) with the scent of day old Chick-fil-A sauce and sweaty feet. After rushing from Chick-fil-A to pick up Alexa at track tryouts then to church, there was no time for details like...neatness. Have you ever tried to eat a chicken sandwich while driving with one hand and dipping the sandwich into the little, rectangular  cup of sauce? ........No sauce? What's the point? I used up my surplus of grocery bags, so the car … [Read more...]



Allow me to be somewhat introspective in this blog. I invite you, as well.  What, I wonder, am I doing to make this world a better place? How am I showing my children how to live beyond themselves and serve others? How am I modeling authentic love? Sure. We pray together and I take as many "teachable moments" as possible to talk with them about how God expects us to serve others, etc. But how am I living what I teach? What single opportunities have I missed when interacting with others, … [Read more...]

Divas and Dragon Dogs

Kids in fort

After 5 snow days (almost) in a row, the sight of the school bus made me giddy. I woke up with a song in my soul, grateful to the public school system for getting my children out of my house. As they stood at the window looking for the bus to crest over the hill, Ayden ran upstairs because he forgot something. “What is it?” I asked frantically, fearing he may miss the bus. “I need my backpack!” he said, sensing I was desperate to get rid of them. I dialed it back a notch and said, real cool, … [Read more...]



She was a child once. Before it took hold of her and distorted her thoughts-  insidious world. The current was too strong before she had a chance to realize she was drowning. She didn't know. How could she? She was a child. Yet, everyone sat idly by, content in their disillusionment as they stared at their vivid screens. Lawlessness crept in and blurred the lines in the sand until they were perfectly hidden in the ocean waves, so banefully planned. So perfectly, banefully … [Read more...]

My Avery

Avery Baby

I just wrote a thank you card to the greatest pediatric surgeon my world has ever known. It has been 12 years yesterday since I gave birth to my precious son, and 3 weeks shy of 12 years since his life-saving operation at WVU, correcting a congenital defect and making Avery’s life possible. Avery came along during a tumultuous time. He was my 3rd child in 37 months. I remember sitting in my hospital bed a few hours after he was born contemplating, or maybe panicking, about how I would ever be … [Read more...]