Christmas, Unsparing.


I used to desperately long for tradition with my kids. For the way Christmas "should be" celebrated, making reindeer food and reciting Victorian Christmas poetry by the tree on Christmas Eve. To have the same traditions every year to ensure that their idyllic memories were engrained so they could continue those same Normal Rockwell moments with their own children. To not have to say goodbye to Lexi at Christmas while she spends time with her dad in another state. To not have to share Christmas … [Read more...]

Parental Enigmas


According to, physics is defined as “the science that deals with matter, energy, motion and force”. Upon examination of the trash can this morning, I have no reasonable explanation other than that my children are budding physicists. I then realized that physics can be applied to other unsolved mysteries in my home. I wonder of parents worldwide can relate. This morning I walked out to the kitchen to find the trash can overflowing with an odd assortment of garbage … [Read more...]

I Am Woman.

12006178_10156095128505074_9180991364581384308_n (1)

 Being a woman can be terrible. As if going to the gynecologist on my day off wasn't bad enough, I cut myself shaving during the holiday event that is preparing for the dreaded annual visit. It's worse than dating. At least when you go on a date, you only have to concern yourself with shaving up to your knees. Well, ideally. This is a christian website, ladies. Work with me. But with the gynecologist it's a totally different routine.  In an effort to be as clean as humanly possible, I … [Read more...]


MCAfter3 Group

“I wish camp could just be our school,” said Dylan and Ty’Jae. They went on to imagine what the days would be like. “Miss Summer would say, ‘Ok guys, it’s time to swim! And Mrs. Banks would make us pose for pictures’”. How incredibly true! These kids have us pegged for sure. If there is such a thing as post-camp depression, I have it. I even miss 96.7, which normally makes me want to remove my eardrums, but is what the kids listened to most of the time during our van rides to camp. While … [Read more...]

Garbage Day

Broken House

I was driving in Ranson, WV, today for work and I passed an old house situated picturesquely on a farm, green and lush. Upon closer inspection I noticed that its windows were broken; I could see through the whole home, void of furnishings and completely lacking any signs of life. I have no idea who used to live there, but for some reason my heart felt heavy. A dense cloud of "what could have been" enveloped the house, which was once someone's home. It stands now not only empty but also broken. I … [Read more...]

Mother Vs. Monster


On this Mother's Day... Since it's the end of the day, and you are most likely brimming with endearing sentiment, I want to take this opportunity to normalize a few things about motherhood. I had the pleasure of attending a Mother's Day lunch today, hosted annually by a very close friend and her family. And although a bit unorthodox (Aunt Juniper's helmet-clad husband threw up the cutest little pile of fruit cocktail on the floor in rebellion that pizza wasn't being served), spending time … [Read more...]

Accidental Pancakes

IMG_0827 - Version 2

My dad  accidentally taught me how to make pancakes.  When I was a child, each time he made pancakes,  I'd carefully watch how he whisked and slowly poured the thick batter onto the skillet. Eventually I learned that when the pancakes started to bubble, it was time to turn them. I'd slather my pancake with molasses-thick King Syrup and butter...served alongside a glass of sweet iced tea- a staple in my home. See, my mother was a southerner by birth and it was in her blood. I've been drinking … [Read more...]

Distorted Plastic


Alyssa and I have a horribly inappropriate line of Barbie and Ken dolls based on some very politically incorrect stereotypes. We began creating them about 10 years ago but decided not to market them because it's not very nice. We have one called “Perfect Christian Barbie”. Her name is Joy-Ellen: she wears her hair in a bun with slacks, a button down shirt with puffed sleeves and sensible shoes. She doesn’t allow her children to say the word “fart”. Then there’s "Wanna-Be Gangsta Donnell". He’s a … [Read more...]

Truth Be Told……


I wonder how many hours in a lifetime women spend watching other women and glamorizing their lives, secretly envious of their seemingly romantic life? Admittedly, we're nosy creatures by nature. We want to know what other people's lives are like, mentally comparing ourselves to each other. But beneath all of that curiosity (and, okay, sometimes judgement) is the need to be validated. God gave us the desire to belong. To seek relationships. To seek HIM, ultimately. You can run but you can't … [Read more...]

Crowd Pleaser or God Pleaser?


That not everyone will like me makes me sad. For any of you who are people pleasers, this makes you sad, too, unless you are under the misguided impression that you are the exception. Let me burst your bubble: you aren’t. It sucks, I know, because we spend so much energy trying to make everyone happy and it is a slap in the face when we fail. Jesus said in Mark 8:36, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” I always thought he was talking about money in … [Read more...]